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Easy Money with Elisabeth Leamy

Jun 29, 2018

Find Yours: Does your deceased loved one have unclaimed $?

Make More: Get paid to test the newest video games! 

Save More: Go on a cruise for a fraction of the price!

Top Tip: Don’t be cheap; you get what you pay for!

Jun 22, 2018

Make More: Make SIX figures a year dumpster diving!

Save More: Are you a renter? Learn ways to lower your rent!

Find Yours: Does your sorority house have unclaimed money?

Top Tip: Do you know your rights when you shop online?

Jun 14, 2018

Save More: Stockpiling can cut your grocery bills in half!

Make More: How solar panels saves AND makes you more money

Find Yours: YOUR money that your state doesn’t want you to claim

Top Tip: FBI says some smart toys are vulnerable to hackers!

Jun 7, 2018

Make More: Put your green thumb to good use & make extra cash.

Save More: LED bulbs can save your household hundreds a year!

Find Yours: $2.1 million in unclaimed Blue Cross checks in New York, could some of that be yours?

Top Tip: Beware inflated thread counts on imported sheets.