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Easy Money with Elisabeth Leamy

Jan 25, 2018

Save More: With an app that gets $ back from delayed/canceled flights.

Make More: Unusual ways to make money for college. 

Find Yours: Unclaimed $ from overpaid parking tickets. 

Top Tip: Fall for 1 scam & crooks will sell your name to other scammers.

Jan 18, 2018

Find Yours: Find the health insurance that your loved ones may have lost. 

Make More: 5 ways to make the most out of your unwanted gift cards. 

Save More: Spend money on gift cards, not cash. 

Top Tip: Learn the true definition of a “lifetime warranty.” 

Jan 11, 2018

Save More: Follow these tips to save on vacations.

Make More: pick up a new side hustle as an exercise instructor for extra cash.

Find Yours: Let your local government help you find your missing money.

Top Tip: Read your gym contract before becoming a member.

Jan 4, 2018

Make More: Find out which reward credit cards will provide you with REAL benefits. 

Save More: To save more longterm, spend more when first buying a house. 

Find Yours: Discover unclaimed money accounts with big values. 

Top Tip: The FTC’s “Cooling-Off Rule” isn’t always applicable!